Zamil Al Zamil

Sufyan Al Zamil, President of Zamil Offshore, sets his sights beyond Saudi Arabia. He talks about his vision for the Company.

"It was appropriate golden opportunity, too" Deciding to de-merge the Marine and Offshore business from Zamil O & M. It gave us a clearer vision and direction. The demerger is made to give each company better chance to grow.

Working under a company named "Zamil O & M" before de-merger didn't reflect the nature of our offshore and marine business. Now, our new company name "Zamil Offshore Services", reflects the nature of our business. Recently we transformed our company to Closed Joint Stock Company and, now, I can say that we're set on track and we're moving onto the next step towards implementing the next phase of our business development strategy".

Currently we have three divisions; the Marine Operations Division, Shipbuilding, Ship Repair and Sea Ports Operation Division, and the Offshore/On-shore Engineering and Construction Services Division.

New representation offices were opened in the last couple of years in Qatar and Singapore, where our company is active. At the same time studies are being carried out for expansion into West African and Indian waters. We are sure that our newly built Rolls Royce UT 733-2 Anchor handling tug/ supply vessels when delivered can be deployed easily there.

Being the largest offshore services provider in the Middle East, supported with three decades of experience, we are confident that we are prepared to diversify internationally with other partners". It is time for expansion globally. We are considering partnership, alliances and joint ventures with multi national companies in Europe, South East Asia and the Far East. We have established contacts and started developing our new strategy for growth.

"The offshore business is cyclical. Some areas can be down while others flourishing. By being diversified, we can sustain our growth. It's a key policy of the Zamil group: STRENGTH THROUGH DIVERSITY".