Zamil Group is a family owned global investment company with diverse interests and capabilities. Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, Zamil Group scope of activity encompasses more than 60 sector businesses with a 12,000-highly experienced skilled workforce distributed in more than 55 countries.

Under Zamil Group Holding come 58 companies providing a wide range of solutions, products and services for the local, regional and international markets. Zamil?s range of products and services is expansive and spans; petrochemicals and chemicals to plastics; air-conditioning to steel fabrication; general construction to industrial building materials and paints; cranes and heavy process equipment to consumer products; contracting services to real estate; industrial investments to other commercial activities.

Zamil Offshore Services is one of the affiliated companies to the group and it is engaged in offshore and marine services supporting the Arabian Gulf offshore oil and gas industry. It owns, operates and maintains one of the largest offshore service fleets in the Middle East, it is also engaged in the specialized offshore shipbuilding, ship and rig repair, offshore Engineering and construction services including the offshore hook-up projects. More and above it is engaged in sea ports operation and management.