Running until the end of 2010, this project is a striking example of Zamil's unique ability to provide an all-in-one solution to all off-shore  projects requirements.

Included in this prestigious project are;

  • upgrade and modification of off-shore wellheads
  • Provision of vessels and barges with operating crew, offshore equipment and labor.
  • Provision of logistics bases and personnel accommodation.
  • Provision of manpower, equipment and support-services.. and much more!

All in strict compliance with Best Industry Practice and Quality/Health/Safety and Environment, Requirements.

ZOSCO Offshore Hook-up, Upgrade-Modifications, Commissioning Support and Maintenance Services

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Well Hook-up and Installation to Client Specifications and Standards.
  • Qualified Supervision and Offshore Construction Crews.
  • Zamil Owned Fleet of Work Boats, Supply and Crew Boats IMO/SOLAS Compliant and Designed for Offshore Oil and Gas Conditions. [Exd] with on Board H2S Detection Monitors and Alarms.
  • H.S.E. Aware and STOP Trained Work Force.
  • Work Performed on Multi Discipline activity to International Oil and Gas Industry Standards.
  • Facilities to Calibrate and  Test Instruments against Master Instruments on Board. Dark Room Facility for Radiography NDT on each Work Boat.
  • ZOMCO Offer a Complete Solution for Clients OFFSHORE Hook-Up needs and Compliance with Best Industry Practice and Quality Requirements.