By the end of 2007 ZOSCO acquired a complete software package for its fleet management from the Greek SES Ship Management Expert Systems S.A, aiming at computerization of its ship management systems, linking both inshore and offshore operations under one package.

During 2008 ZOSCO has succeeded in installing the Smart Radical Innovation Integrated software onboard of its recently delivered Zamil Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, The Zamil Diesel Electric Vessels and at the same time two installations have been installed in the controlling offices ashore in Al-Khobar and Tanajib.

The software installed is a complete and integrated software offering communications and consistency of databases between the offices and the vessels in addition, it is specially designed as user friendly and can be operated onboard by seamen in full communication with the office and vice versa.

By the beginning of 2009 ZOSCO intends to install the same software onboard of at least 10 more vessels to achieve better management of the fleet, control of the maintenance, control of the cost and control of the efficiency.