In 1977, ZOSCO involved in ship maintenance besides managing and operating its small offshore support fleet chartered to Saudi Aramco.

  • In 1980, ZOSCO ventured in the repair and conversion of offshore support and port service vessels.
  • In 2002, it involved in building of offshore and port service vessels,
  • In 2004, it involved in building of very advanced design of offshore support vessels; the Diesel Electric AHTSS.
  • In 2007, it involved in rigs repair. And
  • In 2007 also, it involved in building the latest Rolls Royce design, the UT 733-2 AHTS
  • In 2008, it established a new ship design office equipped with the latest hardware and the newest version of the FORAN Spanish Integrated Ship Design Software.

ZOSCO Shipbuilding and Ship Repair division has made great strides, and is now firmly placed at the forefront of the Arab Gulf offshore-specialized shipyards.

Up to now, ZOSCO is the premier and only shipbuilder in KSA and in the same time, it is the only offshore-specialized shipbuilder in the Arab Gulf region.

Zamil shipbuilding & Ship Repair owes its rapid growth and success to its skilled work force, modern facilities and heavy involvement in building advanced offshore vessels. These advantages have been combined to enable Zamil Shipbuilding to build quality ships economically and on schedule.

With its quality-oriented management, Zamil shipbuilding will commit itself to improving ships quality and customer service for the sound growth of the Arab and regional maritime industry.