Navigation, Pilotage and Port Management at King Abdul Aziz Port


ZOSCO is managing King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam. A 10 year lease contract was signed by us to manage, operate the navigation and pilotage in this sea port commencing from 1 November 1999 to 17 July 2009.

The most important function of this venture is the efficient and timely berthing and un-berthing of commercial vessels calling at the port.  Presently the number of vessels calling at the port averages 2400 vessels a year approximately 10 movements per day.

ZOSCO is providing pilotage at Dammam Port with 100% Saudization and the service provided by us is well recognized by all ship liners calling at Dammam Port regularly.

As well as providing berthing and pilotage for the port, the ZOSCO operated Marine Port Yard  is maintaining the existing fleet of 19 tugs and service vessels. The Port Fleet includes 200 metric ton floating crane, oil skimmer and a buoy handling vessel for the maintenance of more than 300 navigation buoy and beacons located along the Saudi Arabian coast from Khafji to Salwa.

The efficiency of the port has been significantly increased by ZOSCO.  The average weekly time for docking one vessel is now 1.4 hour compared with 2 hours as per the contractual obligation.  The average weekly time required for sailing one vessel from Dammam Port is now 0.95 hour compared with 1 hour as per contract.

The renovation of M.V. "Dammam 29" was undertaken by ZOSCO and completed well on time.

Port Service Vessels

Zamil shipyard is operating 19 vessels to serve the port navigation and  has being able to renovate Dammam 29, the Jubail Fire Fighting Boat and Dammam 1 the floating crane in addition to building and delivering. three (3) Harbor tugs for the port of Dammam Port Authority. Dammam 9 which has 46 tons Bollard Pull, Dammam 10 which has 35 tons bollard pull and Dammam 11 which has 25 tons bollard pull.  All the three boats have been delivered in 2004.

Renewal of the lease Agreement

Since ZOSCO has added a great value to the operation of the Dammam Port all over 9 years efficiently and introduced new industries and services inside the port like offshore and port vessels building, offshore and port units repair, conversion and rehabilitation in addition to rig repair, the Saudi port authorities has renewed the lease contract for ZOSCO to operate Dammam port and its port Marine yard for another 10 years ending 2019.