Operation of the navigation and pilotage at King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam

In 1999, The Saudi Sea Ports Authority signed a 10 years agreement with ZAMIL Offshore to operate the navigation and pilotage at King Abdul Aziz port. The leasing commenced on November 1st 1999 and planned to end on July 17th 2009 but due to the excellent performance of ZOSCO in operating the navigation and pilotage at Dammam Port in addition to the port marine yard and introduction of new services like shipbuilding, ship repair and rig repair and increasing the efficiency of handling the ships calling at the port the saudi seaports authority decided to extend the lease agreement to 2019.

ZAMIL Offshore operates King Abdul Aziz port navigation tower and the port  service fleet which includes; 8 harbor tugs, a fire fighting boat, 2 pilot boats, a floating crane, an oil skimmer and a buoy maintenance vessel which is used to maintain more than 300 buoys located along the Arabian coast from Khafji to Salwa.

During the last 9 years, ZOSCO has provided berthing and pilotage services to all vessels entering and leaving the port. It has succeeded in raising the port efficiency by shortening both the berthing and un-berthing time of about 2400 vessels calling at the port per annum.