In 1977
Al-Zamil Brothers founded ZAMIL Offshore Services, ZOSCO  as a 100% Saudi owned, Limited Liability Company. From the inception it is actively involved in both offshore and onshore marine work.

In 1977
the company purchased its first AHTS vessel. This was the first vessel chartered by ZOSCO to SAUDI ARAMCO. In the same year, Zamil introduced ship repair to Saudi ARAMCO. Zamil built a floating dock for ARAMCO then leased it to them and operated it for repairing their vessels thereafter sold it to them.

In 1980
Zamil became pioneer in gradually diversifying and increasing the scope of its services in the marine business. King Fahd Ship Repair Yard (KFSRY) was taken by the company on a long-term lease. Its business was reshaped by involvement in the repair and conversion of offshore support and port service vessels.

In 1999
ZOSCO was awarded a 10 years contract for operating the navigation and pilotage in King Abdul Aziz port in Dammam in addition to leasing the facilities of Port Marine Yard (now known as Zamil Shipyard). The company gradually increased the scope of the shipyard services to include major repair, refits, overhauls, and conversions of offshore vessels.

In 2002
ZOSCO ventured into new building of offshore and port service vessels. Zamil shipyard became the first Saudi owned company to venture in shipbuilding business in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2003
It has built and delivered two supply boats to serve with Saudi Aramco

In 2004
It has built and delivered three harbor tugs for the Saudi Seaports Authorities

In 2004
Zamil Shipbuilding started building a series of sophisticated advanced modern offshore vessels, the 65 ton bollard Diesel Electric AHTSS with Azimus propulsion from Rolls Royce.

In 2004
Zamil Offshore won a contract from Saudi Aramco to work as hook-up projects contractor

In 2006
and after 4 years of heavy involvement in shipbuilding Zamil Shipyard has succeeded in signing a contract with Rolls Royce Marine to build 7 UT AHTS vessels under licence.

In 2006
ZOSCO opened a representation office in Qatar for prompting chartering and re-chartering of offshore vessels.

In 2007
ZOSCO started offshore rig repairs in the kingdom.

In 2007
ZOSCO registered a company in Singapore to promote our offshore & Marine Services to South East Asian countries.

In 2008
Launching the first and second Rolls Royce UT 733-2 AHTS vessels and delivery of the first DP2 Diving support Vessel built at Zamil Shipbuilding yard.

In 2008
Opening shipbuilding CAD office using the famous integrated Spanish ship design software FORAN

Experience of Zamil Offshore Services as a service provider to Aramco:

    For almost 3 decades ZOSCO rendered first class service to Aramco:
  • In 1977, It was pioneer in introducing ship repair at Saudi ARAMCO.
  • In the same year, It was pioneer in buying offshore vessels for chartering to ARAMCO, and Zamil Marine Services operated and maintained the fleet for ARAMCO.
  • In addition to, the West Pier ship repair facility in Ras-Tanura, the marine repair yard in Tanajib
  • And since 2002, It is the premier and only shipbuilder in KSA.
  • In 2003 Zamil Marine services succeeded in wining Aramco's award for offshore Hook-up services.
  • In 2004 Zamil Shipyard has started building a series of AHTSS to an innovative design the Diesel Electric Zamil Class vessels, It has built 8 vessels of this class and there 3 more on order. The yard proved to be cost effective and very efficient in building such vessels, it built each in 11 month which is a record time for such design.

Zamil has established cost effective, safe, reliable, and first class professional quality integrated offshore marine services to SAUDI ARAMCO.

Zamil has succeeded not only in satisfying its reputed customers in Saudi Arabia but is also expanding the marine business with other customers in the region with a hope of diversifying the company's marine services into other Gulf countries. .

Zamil Offshore Services is considered now the leading Arab company in offshore and marine services business,


  • Now, ZOSCOs Marine Operations is renowned as the largest offshore marine services provider in the Middle East. It owns, operates and maintains the largest and most modern specialized offshore support fleet in the area. Most of its fleet is on long-term charter hire to Saudi ARAMCO and few chartered to companies in Qatar and UAE.
  • ZOSCOs Engineering & Construction Services renewed successfully its contract with Aramco and continue working in the specialized field of Offshore Hook-up Projects for the Maintenance, Upgrade, Modification and Commissioning Support for the rigs and platforms in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Zamil is operating successfully the Navigation and Pilotage services at King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam.
  • Zamil Shipbuilding & Ship Repair has also made great strides and is now firmly placed at the forefront of the offshore-specialized shipbuilders. It is the premier and only shipbuilder in KSA and in the same time, it is the only offshore-specialized shipbuilder in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf regions.