12 Oct 2023

ZAMIL OFFSHORE SERVICES COMPANY signs a Collaboration Agreement with JSA Loadmaster Arabia LTD:

During ADIPEC, Zamil Offshore and JSA Loadmaster formalized a new Framework Agreement. 
Under the Agreement the Parties intend to establish a new capability offering marine and rig operators a competent and cost-effective solution including services, parts, and technical support in Saudi Arabia. 
This agreement will facilitate an enhanced and accelerated service to operators and end users via Zamil’s modern shipyard facilities and resources and the extensive industry know-how and experience of JSA Loadmaster Arabia.
Zamil is a leading offshore services provider, marine operator, and shipbuilder in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is the owner of shipyard located in Dammam Port in KSA. Zamil is also in the business of providing maritime products and MRO services.
JSA Loadmaster Arabia LTD is in the business of engineering, design, manufacturing, fabrication, selling drilling related structures, equipment, and services, selling Legs for Jackup rigs & lift boats, heavy steel products, jacking system components and parts, and is the owner or licensee of valuable and proprietary information relating to its products and services.