13 Nov 2023

Have you discovered the advantage of the Bergen Engines' Worldwide Exchange Pool and our OEM spare parts?

Requirements to reduce engine downtime with less operator resources means reduced capacity to undertake the regular engine maintenance. To save our customers valuable time and money, Bergen created an exchange pool of already overhauled components at fixed prices, focusing on the parts our customers find the most labor-intensive.
These OEM-standard components are provided on a supply-and-fit basis, making engine overhauls quick and hassle-free! Simply reach out to Zamil OEM & order the necessary components from the Worldwide Exchange Pool.
As we know, many factors affect the lifetime of engine components and often their condition is unknown until dismantling, making it difficult to plan the necessary parts, labor and duration of service. With the Exchange Pool, we support our customers so they can accurately plan their overhauls - minimizing downtime while maximizing the lifetime of their engines.