26 Nov 2023

Guiltless pleasure is here!!

Welcoming CO2-neutral fuels: At 28 meters long and weighing around 80 tons, the above 95Yacht is powered by two mtu 12V 2000 M96X yacht engines, which have been given specific approval to operate on #HVO fuel according to the EN 15940 standard. The yacht now completed her maiden e-fuel voyage from Puerto Portals in Mallorca to Monaco. This means that CO2 emissions on the yacht’s tours across the Mediterranean can be reduced by up to 90 percent compared to the use of fossil diesel – depending on the manufacturing process and feedstock. Power your yacht with mtu’s finest engines to set voyage to the Red Sea & the Arabian Gulf. 

Please reach out to Zamil OEM agencies to know more about how we can support you enjoy yachting in a guiltless way!!