Zamil Offshore Construction specializes in providing the following services to its clients:

  • Provision of work boats, supply and crew vessels, as well as jack-up barges with all necessary construction crew and equipment.
  •  Hookup, upgrade, modification and commissioning of offshore wellheads, tie-in and processing GOSPs.
  • SCADA integration and DCS modification and upgrade.
  • Nitrogen purging, hydro-testing and NDT services.
  • Brownfield and MMO projects execution. 
  • Fabrication and modification of offshore structures such as accommodation modules, platforms, deck extension work and anti-corrosion solutions.
  • Specialized diving services, free span corrections, installation of stabilization bags, surveys, inspection, and subsea piping work.
  • Renovation, maintenance and repair of oil terminal facilities, Single Point Moorings and Piers, Berthing and De-berthing of Oil Tankers.

Being part of Zamil Offshore, the Offshore Construction division provides end-to-end integrated solutions in marine, construction and access to quay-side facilities. We add value to our clients through:

Zamil Offshore Construction delivers high standards of project management excellence through:

  • Well established project management processes
  • Certified PMP project managers
  • Clear project monitoring and reporting through project controls mechanisms
  • Strong track record with Saudi Aramco in projects
  • Addressing the various needs, concerns, and expectations of the stakeholders in planning and executing the project
  • Managing stakeholders towards meeting project requirements and creating deliverables
  • Balancing the competing project constraints
  • Managing and implementing change controls with the stakeholders
  • Contract control with the goal of meeting the schedule, quality and budget objectives
  • Well established procurement and subcontractor management systems

All services are delivered in strict compliance with best industry practices and Quality/Health/Safety and Environment requirements and standards.