We continue to build through our ongoing contracts with Defence and others, a sovereign Naval and Commercial Shipbuilding and Support Capability:

  • 4No Shipyards + other Business Lines across KSA
  • ~1,200No Employees
  • OEM Agencies – Parts, Service Operations etc.
  • Sea Port Operations 
  • ~356,000m² Shipyards (large expansion capacity)
  • ~45,115m² Shipyards Facilities
  • ~1,230mtr of Wharfage / Berthing Facilities
  • 14No Dry Berth / Hard Stand
  • 3No Floating Docks (maximum 215mtr * 33mtr * 19,000MT)
  • 2No Ship Lifts (102mtr * 32mtr * 7,500MT and 85mtr * 16mtr * 1,500MT)
  • 120mtr * 37mtr *29.6mtr Construction Halls (6No)
  • ~5,460m² Outfitting and Maintenance Workshops
  • ~6,250m² Piping and Machining Workshops
  • ~27,350m² Fabrication Workshops
  • ~6,200m² Blasting and Painting Workshops

To supplement the above activities, we employ experts in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair; certified welders, steel fabricators, steel fitters, pipe fabricators, pipefitters, ship outfitters, diesel mechanics, marine mechanics, marine electricians, HVAC technicians, QHSSE technicians, blasters, painters, shipwrights. In addition to this, we are active with highly experienced marine engineers and naval architects covering all the aspects and disciplines associated with our core activities.