To be the prominent maritime services provider ensuring that we safely deliver practical, innovative, durable and reliable solutions to liberate real and long-lasting value for our clients and stakeholders.


Work hard every day through our inspired teams, innovative solutions and extensive facilities. To be the most respected and trusted brand to efficiently, effectively and safely deliver excellence across a wide portfolio of engineering, construction, repair, conversion and through-life capability services to both national and international Defence Forces, Port / Fleet Operators and Investors in the Oil / Gas sectors.













Zamil Offshore Service Company has a division for shipbuilding and ship repair encompassing the management of three (3) strategically located shipyards, two (2) in the Arabian Gulf area located at Dammam Port and the third shipyard located in the Red Sea at Jeddah Islamic Port.

  • Zamil shipyards are situated in the heart of the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea seaborne traffic and strategically located near the world's largest offshore oil fields to service a vast array of vessels.
  • Zamil shipbuilding is geared towards building sophisticated specialized vessels for the defence and offshore service industry covering; Anchor Handling Tugs, Supply / Safety vessels, Dive Support, DP2 vessels, Utility vessels, Workboats, and Crewboats.
  • Zamil shipbuilding is also a specialized builder of Buoy Handling vessels, Harbour tugs, Firefighting vessels, and pilot boats.

Zamil shipyard started the shipbuilding business in 2002 by utilizing the facilities in Dammam port and succeeded to contract and deliver over fifty (50) vessels, the majority of such are working in Saudi waters.

Zamil shipyard has the construction capacity of approximately 10,000 MT of steel per year and is actively increasing capacity year on year.

Zamil Offshore Services Company decided in 2010 to invest in a new shipbuilding and ship repair facility adjacent to the older shipyard in King Abdul – Aziz Port, Dammam, Saudi Arabia with a total area of 230,000 m² with a quayside length of 700 meters. 

The shipyard is fully integrated with all necessary facilities for efficient shipbuilding, ship repair, and rig repair activities.